Dan Lefler's Picture Page

with Thorpe Reeder... 
inventor of "Surf Squirt"

with Leon & Kate Swails...
Captain & Namesake for the "Lady Kate", Dana Point Harbour

with Doug Lefler,

 with Steve Lefler, Pat Lefler
the little brothers

with Nicole Lefler,
Catalina, summer 98

with Sunday Brunch band...
I've played the same gig every 
Sunday afternoon for 12 years running.  Started 3 owners ago back in 1989.  The band left but I'm still here...

with Jack Evans
Network Manager for Danman's Music Library

with Nicole Lefler, School Music Shows, the early years

with Nicole Lefler, "Wooden Sculpture"  summer 98

with "My Garden"

  with Martin Gerschwitz,
Coach House show, 1996

  with John Robequie,
AKA "POD" and my "biggest" roadie.

with Martin Gerschwitz
Coach House show, 1997