Dan Lefler - Metamorphosis CD


The Christmas Flute CD by Dan Lefler

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CD Description: A collaboration with musician/artist Duke Pitteroff. This music was an improvised session and recorded live in one take. Accompanying the CD is a "Virtual Art Gallery" of some 10 different watercolors painted by Pitteroff. This music mysteriously mirrors the images and faces of these watercolors.

Players: Dan Lefler on flute, keyboard, piano. Duke Pitteroff on guitars.

Label: Danman's Music

Other info:  The 4th CD release for Dan Lefler, 1993.

Track Audio Samples
1.  Awakening    mp3  
2.  March    mp3   real
3.  Metamorphosis         mp3   real
4.  Emergence       mp3   real 
5.  Mating    mp3   real 
6.  Stronger Breezes mp3     

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