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My Mission

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Took me awhile to figure out that music is more than just notes and chords and sound.  Music has frequencies and harmonics and vibrations that resonate and connect with the human body.  Thats why it feels so good to listen to certain kinds of music.  One of the hidden truths is that these same frequencies and harmonics and vibrations can and will heal you, repair you, and just make you feel good.  


With that in mind, my mission is two-fold:  

To create as many musicians as possible from the many students who come to me.  And to create as many music teachers as I can along the way.  The idea being that I'm just one guy, but if I create an "army of teachers" to go out into the world, together we can teach a lot people, and maybe we can make a difference?

My answer is Danman's Music School

Contact Info

Danman's Music School

24699 Del Prado

Dana Point, Ca.  92629


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